Promotional Period: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Rules and Regulations


  • Apply online HERE (your email address is required). Once your completed registration form is received by Hirsch, you will be advised of your Base Quota.
  • Earn 2 trip points for each $100 of purchases from Hirsch Pipe & Supply up to your Base Quota during the promotion period.
  • Earn 5 trip points for each $100 of purchases from Hirsch Pipe & Supply over your Base Quota during the promotion period.
  • Trips are valued at 4,000 points PER PERSON, including complete air and ground package combined (based on double occupancy).
  • Participants must earn a minimum of 2,500 trip points and meet their Base Quota to qualify. Any unearned portions of trips may be purchased at Hirsch Pipe & Supply’s cost (subject to availability).
  • Take advantage of additional opportunities to earn bonus points from sponsoring vendors and special offers.
  • Limit: Four (4) people per account.


  • This program is for licensed contractors only; proof of license may be required.
  • All accounts must be current in accordance with our regular terms.
  • Purchases must be shipped and billed during the promotion period.
  • All trip activities are designed with adults in mind.
  • Trips are not transferable, have no monetary value, and are not refundable.
  • Related companies must combine quotas and trip points.
  • Qualified purchases may be limited to purchases from warehouse stock.
  • Direct, negotiated and job account purchases may be adjusted for trip credit.
  • We reserve the right to change quotas, destination, departure dates trip conditions and costs due to conditions beyond our control.
  • Because we want the pleasure of your company, trip participants MUST BE PRINCIPALS of HIRSCH PIPE AND SUPPLY CUSTOMERS.
  • Unused trip points have no monetary value.
  • Trip points are not effective until Base Quota is reached.
  • Trip must be taken with the Hirsch Pipe & Supply group, and only those traveling with the group can participate in the program activities.
  • Individuals may not participate if his or her company has rules or policies prohibiting such participation.
  • Trip participants are responsible for all applicable taxes; therefore it is required you register your business name and provide Hirsch your company’s Tax ID number. Any income tax liability for the “earned” portion of any trip will be the responsibility of the awardees and not Hirsch Pipe & Supply.
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